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Pink Triangle Trust donates electronic items to Bizoha Humanist Center

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In early April this year, Kasese United Humanist Association received a generous donation from Pink Triangle trust, a human rights organization based in the United Kingdom.

The donation was ear marked to boost the activities by the Bizoha Humanist Center of enlightening the masses about the goodness of Science, Humanism and reason to people in Kasese and beyond. The Pink Triangle Trust charity is engaged in the following activities:

1) Promote Humanism and human rights

2) Defend and promote equal rights for LGBT people facing oppression

3) Promote educational initiatives that support the above two aims

The generous donation made us be in position to procure the following items:

4 Guitars

1 Piano/Keyboard

1 Keyboard stand

1 Drum set comprising of 5 drums, its stand, seat and 3 metal plates

1 Power extension cable

1 DSTV decoder and Dish

1 Giant curved Television set (43 inches)


These items have made us to do the following as we serve:


  • Conductng music lessons to pupils at the Bizoha Kasese Humanist School in Muhokya.
  • Casting Films and televison to the community of Muhokya and Kasese Humanist Schools.
  • Boosted our out reach programs and debates.
  • The items sourced out have made the Bizoha Humanist Center to be a place where people can meet, learn and interrract freely with each other
Onbehalf of the Bizoha Humanist Center, i am thanking the Pink Humanist Triangle Charity for the generous donation to our initiatives.

With Science, we can progress.

Learning to play the drums and guitars at Bizoha Humanist Center


Playing a Key board at Kasese Humanist School - Rukoki

Some good news from Bizoha Humanist Center

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                                                  PUBLIC NOTICE

In an effort to serve our people better, the management of Kasese Humanist School informs the general public that it will be offering free lodging services to volunteers from the diaspora who come to work with us in our projects. Special offers too can be offered to local volunteers too. Minimum stay is 1 month and maximum 3 months.

As usual it has always been a policy to offer good hospitality to our esteemed volunteers who come teach at our schools, those to benefit under this offer should pass through the right channels of sourcing out volunteering through the school communication channels. The School Director will always be in position of offering invitation letters to those who want to volunteer in our projects.

Below are some of the volunteering opportunities:

  •  Teaching at our schools ( nursery/kindergarten, primary or secondary school). The volunteers are always Assistants and not full time teachers.
  • Working at the Bizoha Farmland ( This offer is for gardeners or farmers who want to share skills in this field)
  • Participating in eco tourism projects , eco huts, cottages constructions on our planned sites.
  • Treating pupils and locals at the Jane Shrimpton clinic in Kahendero.
  • We also welcome ORGANIZATIONS which want to partner with Kasese Humanist Schools in any of the school going programs so that we get to another level.
  • We also welcome volunteers who seem to be interested in spreading the messages about our works in their respective communities, those interested in fundraising for us should write a note to us showing intention.

All in all, we remain committed to our core values of advancing humanist and secular values in our communities, exposing the goodness of science and reason in our journey of seeking a better life.

                                         With Science, we can progress

BiZoHa Humanist Newsletter #1

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BiZoHa Humanist Newsletter #1

Dear friends,


I am pleased to communicate with you directly about the progress of humanism in our schools in Kasese District in western Uganda. I have long appreciated your generous support inner fight against the superstitions that delay the progress of Africa.

Term 2 is currently in session at our schools in Kasese/Rukoki, Kahendero, and BiZoHa/Muhokya. We have completed many projects recently, notably a fishing boat, a tourist boat, a grasshopper trap, and the Kahendero Humanist Hall - the largest building I have ever supervised the construction of. It will be used to present illuminating and entertaining films to the public depicting the value of science and rationality.

We have also completed, recently the BiZoHa Humanist Centre with its internet cafe hostel, humanist bookstore, and conference room, Please come visit us! We have recently hosted Chai Garcia, Lily Rice, Beth Clokey, Karen Zelevinsky, Werner Haag, Hank Pellissier, Carol Lloyd, Bob Pellissier, Tallulah Pellissier Lloyd and Zenobia Pellissier Lloyd. It is always a pleasure for me to see humanists.

If you would like to assist us in our endeavors, there are four items we are deeply in need of.

One is Teacher Salaries - our budget is dependent on parents paying their child's tuition, but many do not, due to poverty or their lack of interest in education. A donation of just $22. You can click at this link. 

Two is building materials - many of our classrooms lack proper concrete flooring and we are still completing the painting of Kasese Humanist Secondary School. You can contribute building materials. the link to support this is at

Three is Day Scholar Sponsorships at our newest school in Kahendero. Your kindness can keep a child enrolled in classes by paying the tuition, plus buying them a uniform, school books, supplies, and the daily lunch. You can immensely improve their chance to improve their life by donating here

Four is books for our new Humanist Centre, especially books on science, humanism, and atheism. You can mail the books directly to us at Kasese Humanist Schools, P.O. Box 58, Kasese, Uganda.

You can donate here to support Bizoha Humanist Center activities.

In conclusion, I thank you heartily for your steadfast generosity. I feel immeasurable gratitude.


               Bwambale Robert Musubaho

                  Director, Kasese Humanist - BIZOHA SchoolS

Bizoha Humanist Center gets online

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Dear friends,

Am so priviledged getting this moment to share this news in regard to the Bizoha Humanist Center.

Over the past months i have been working on building up this facility which actually is among the permanent symbols of humanism and free thought in this country where majority of the people still believe in magic and superstition.

The presence of the Humanist Center will aim high on enlighting the masses about the goodness of Humanism, Science and Reason and posing why its very much needed in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

The building has several rooms on it and gradually i am adding extra rooms at the back side within the property to serve several roles as i also make extra monies to sustain Kasese Humanist/ Bizoha Schools.

The Bizoha Humanist Center serves the services below:

  • Budget accomodation to volunteers and other guests at our hostel
  • Free library services. 
  • internet services & secretarial services.
  • Hair cuts services.
  • Bookings for the Boat rides on our tourism boat on Lake george.
  • Venue to watch educational dvds, documentaries on giant screens.
  • Lots of drinks and eats with meals prepared at our kitchen.
  • Mini conference venues for meetings.

More services to add include venue for selling hand made African Crafts.

All our fans worldwide are encouraged to help publicize the Bizoha Humanist Center so that all our services gets to another level.

We also hope to keep monitoring several humanist related projects going on in the Kasese region and pledge to keep to our promises like we have always done in the past.

I thank immensely all those who contributed generously anything that has seen success of this project, those with valuable books on any worthy topic or magazine or a documentary Dvd should mail them to us so that we become well stocked and uptodate.

With Science, we can progress.

Yours in free thought,

                             Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Kasese Humanist / BIZOHA Schools & Bizoha Humanist Center